We market and distribute products used in various technical solutions for households, hotels and industries like water & waste water treatment, chemical, food and other applications.

We provide engineering services, technical support and consultancy for our customers



MACRO Products as a trade division was initially originated in two privately owned sister companies which were established 1991; MACRO-CAM Sweden, with main office in Linköping (Sweden) and MACRO UK in London; both companies worked closely with, and gained the confidence of several well-established Scandinavian, British and other European manufacturing companies.

The two companies were at, a later stage, reconstructed to cope with the expanding business activities & market dynamics, and therefore continued business under the consequently recently formed trade division “MACRO Products”. 






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MACRO Products s.r.o. / WTC-MACRO
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Slovak Republic

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MACRO Products s.r.o. / WTC-MACRO
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